It’s just fundamentally obvious that when you
digitize something you can use it in new ways

Kevin Buzzard, professor at Imperial College London

How it all started

For quite a while we have been fans of the documentary film Objectified from Gary Huswit. One of the main concepts that is illustrated there is the notion that there are no boring products. However big or small, serious or laughter-provoking, many products have been designed with intent.

As a company, INDG has been working for brands to create CGI visuals of their products and make those products "playable", digitally. What struck us was, that indeed there was always a great amount of detail waiting to be shown, discovered, within the products’ designs and the technology, leading to thought-through benefits for people that would buy them. So, what if we could represent every product in the world with visual content that would actually demonstrate that? Why only so few products get all the lavish attention?

Go to google image search, type in any product you own, look at the results.  Does that look pretty? But what is professional visual content, anyway? What we mean are things like high-quality photos, enticing videos, realistic interactive versions that come close to the tactile sensation of holding the actual product in your hands.


More and more, excellent visual content is also tailored exactly right to the relevant medium being used, whether that is a personalized campaign across multiple marketing channels, or a product page on Amazon. We thought that Grip could become the production agency in the cloud: The place that you do not have to leave to get any professional content you want, need, desire, imagine, and so on.

Democrati­zation of content

In the history of humankind a tool is something fundamental to progress. You need only think about the knife or the hammer, but also fire or the wheel, which are essentially tools as well, be it on a slightly more abstract level.

Computers and mobile phones are modern times’ equivalents for the tangible tools. Metaphorically speaking, Grip has the ambition to be just such a tool: simple to use, secretly powerful, so much so that it hopes to revolutionize the world of physical goods marketing by democratizing the production of visual content.

At anyone’s fingertips, without the need to have special creative skills. We come from a CGI agency background. We have always built our own tools, software and scripts, and we still do. And so, we decided to productize (some of them) and make them accessible to anyone.


Public launch of Grip for CPG products
First large personal care client
First large cosmetics client
API v1.0 launched
First large dairy products client
First large alcoholic beverage client
First large beverage client
Lifestyle image presets launched
Public API released
GS-1 presets pack released
First large confectionery client
Video features launched
First large cleaning products client
Beta version for footwear products

What we appre­ciate

Brand and tone of voice

When we thought about what kind of brand can represent this thinking of providing tools to a bigger audience, we went back to several inspirations from the world of design. An obvious choice was to look at the designers from Objectified. Dieter Rams was interesting, because there was a clean aesthetic, a functional approach that was intended to be long-lasting. Sustainable is how Dieter describes it. While we tried to have this reflected in the font choice and iconography, also, perhaps even especially, it came back in the tone-of-voice document we drafted up: simple, direct, functional, hyperbole-avoiding. The reader is intelligent, so the writing should be based on that.

“What distinguishes our style is rare usage of peculiar and high-brow words for emphasis and dramatic effect.” We do realize this is difficult in today’s marketing-heavy and hype-infused world of digital media. Still, we wanted to try it. It felt close to us, true to the concept of giving the spotlight to our clients and their products rather than focusing on ourselves (not that we are famous by any measure anyway). Also, we hope it is a slightly different sound to listen to, for a change Sometimes, enthusiasm gets the better of us. Don’t hold it against us. It does happen that also we use a hyperbole now and then; we are usually sorry afterwards.